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Here's Your Quick Quiz in General Knowledge

Below is a five-question quiz drawn from hundreds of different categories. get them all right and you will make the Glory Wall. Good luck!

Play it again and again, we have nearly 25,000 questions for you to play and its different every time...

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1. What cartoonist exposed the tyranny of NYC's Tweed Ring during the years 1869 to 1872?
Gustave Dore Jules Pfieffer
Maurice Sendak Thomas Nast

2. Which one of these basketball players wore the number "6"?
Bill Russell Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Michael Jordan Pet Maravich

3. What is the name of the three small bones found in the middle ear?
Chitin Ossicles
Skeleton Skull

4. What San Jose group hit it big with 'Walkin' on the Sun' in 1996?
98 Degrees Kid Rock
Smash Mouth Sugar Ray

5. What is the word for the crossword clue "Normandy invasion town"?
Arene Reame
Stlo Strele

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