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Here's Your Quick Quiz in Sports

Below is a five-question quiz drawn from hundreds of different categories. get them all right and you will make the Glory Wall. Good luck!

Play it again and again, we have nearly 25,000 questions for you to play and its different every time...

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1. Who was replaced as Tampa Bay's head coach by Tony Dunge?
Mike Ditka Mike Shanahan
Sam Wyche Tom Landry

2. What was Muhammad Ali's name before winning the heavyweight championship title in 1964?
Cassius Clay Leon Spinks
Lew Alcindor Malcolm Little

3. In what 19,023-seat venue do the Phoenix Suns play their home games?
Alamodome America West Arena
Pepsi Center United Center

4. What Los Angeles back was the tops in the NFC in 1987, with 1374 yds. and 11 touchdowns?
Charles White Gale Sayers
Herschel Walker Tony Dorsett

5. Led by QB Steve Walsh, what team won the NCAA national football championship in 1987?
BYU Miami-FL
Oklahoma Tennessee

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