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Here's Your Quick Quiz in Sports

Below is a five-question quiz drawn from hundreds of different categories. get them all right and you will make the Glory Wall. Good luck!

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1. Who was the first African American athlete to win the Heisman Trophy?
Archie Griffin Ernie Davis
Jackie Robinson O.J. Simpson

2. Arie Luyendyk is known for driving what type of car at the Indianapolis 500?
Cummins Holset Turbo Dallara Olds Aurora
Domino's Pizza Chevrolet Marlboro Penske Chevy

3. Since 1975, where have the New Orleans Saints played their home games?
Louisiana Superdome Paul Brown Stadium
Pro Player Stadium Texas Stadium

4. With a with a .363 average, what Saint Louis batter lead the National League in hitting in 1971?
Al Oliver Billy Williams
Joe Torre Rico Carty

5. Who coached Houston to an NBA championship in 1994?
Bill Fitch K.C. Jones
Phil Jackson Rudy Tomjanovich

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