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Here's Your Quick Quiz in Sports

Below is a five-question quiz drawn from hundreds of different categories. get them all right and you will make the Glory Wall. Good luck!

Play it again and again, we have nearly 25,000 questions for you to play and its different every time...

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1. Led by RB D.J. Dozier, what team won the NCAA national football championship in 1986?
Georgia Miami-FL
Nebraska Penn St.

2. In what conference does Western Michigan play football?
Atlantic Coast Conference Big 12 Conference
MidAmerican Conference Mountain West Conference

3. What is the name of the stadium that is home to the Denver Broncos?
Boulder Mile High
Mountain Orange Crush

4. In what conference does Purdue play football?
Atlantic Coast Conference Big Ten Conference
MidAmerican Conference Western Athletic Conference

5. Which of these outstanding college players was a running back for Colorado?
Eric Bieniemy Jake Plummer
Roosevelt Leaks Steve Young

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