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Here's Your Quick Quiz in Sports

Below is a five-question quiz drawn from hundreds of different categories. get them all right and you will make the Glory Wall. Good luck!

Play it again and again, we have nearly 25,000 questions for you to play and its different every time...

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1. What NFL team plays home games in 76,098-seat Mile High Stadium?
Chicago Bears Denver Broncos
Indianapolis Colts Philadelphia Eagles

2. In what conference does UNLV play football?
Atlantic Coast Conference Mountain West Conference
Pacific 10 Conference Southeastern Conference

3. What was the alma mater of quarterback and Heisman candidate John Elway?
Ohio St. SMU
San Diego St. Stanford

4. Which of the following teams plays football in the Southeastern Conference?
Auburn Maryland
Michigan New Mexico

5. What Boston pitcher hurled a 4-0 perfect game against Washington on 6/23/1917?
Catfish Hunter Dennis Martinez
Ernie Shore Harvey Haddix

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